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Martin Eaglen Bio

Martin was born in South East London and only ever had one aim in life and that was to draw pictures, he found popularity at school by drawing caricatures of teachers often getting him into trouble. His first job after leaving school was selling shoes at Ravels, in the time between customers he would draw cartoons on the fronts of the shoeboxes. One day the company's Marketing Director visited the store and he was questioned about the pictures, rather than firing him as Martin had expected he was invited to their Bond Street head office where he designed his first commercial card- a company Christmas card. Following a chance meeting in a Lewes pub with a cartoonist named Peter Dewar he was introduced to the "real" world of humorous cards. Pursuing his passion for drawing and cartooning in 1979 he joined Hanson White as a greeting card designer and was promoted to Creative Director in 1981. In addition to his overall product marketing responsibilities in managing the humorous "Studio" style card ranges, he built a new, clean-looking brand, which quickly became a 'millionaire' product line.

Working both in the UK and USA in 1985, he undertook a short-term, freelance contract to establish a new greetings card business between a UK company and Chicago based greeting card publisher.

In 1986, Martin joined Athena International as Art Director with special responsibilities for greetings cards both in domestic and international markets.

Two years later, he set up his own consultancy to design, publish and produce a wide range of greetings cards, stationery and gift products - his major client being Clinton Cards PLC where he created successful humorous and cute brands.

In 1991, he was a co-promoter and founding shareholder of Gibson Greetings, a company that quickly became one of the UK's largest direct to retail card publisher. After securing the Looney Tunes Brand License from Warner Bros., which he developed into a multi million pound line, he worked with major Film Studios on both sides of the Atlantic developing products. Working with well known characters including; Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Flintstones and Cartoon Network. He remained with the company until its acquisition by American Greetings when he was appointed UKG Licensing Director.

He has developed both specialist knowledge of new media techniques and expertise in digital pre-production processes and has worked to establish strategies specifically related to their applicability to today's greeting card industry. Working in the development arena of the creative IT industry he specialised in Apple computers and natural media digital painting techniques. With the online industry expanding rapidly he experimented with new media techniques to deliver social expression products and with convergence developed models for delivering effective income streams.

In 2002 he set up Dog's Paw publishing greetings cards for the small independent direct-to-retail market via a small team of freelance sales agents. In response to the market's ever more demanding appetite for new products he evaluated employing digital print in the production of greetings cards for small publishers. With a creative background in the specialist and fashion areas of the industry and his knowledge of digital technology it is now possible to take a design from studio concept to store within 24 hours.

His strong belief is that it is essential to maintain the respect and support of your creative team and the best way of doing that is leading by example and throughout his career Martin insisted on having his own desk space in each company's studio.

Martin now divides his time between working for Eaglen Art & Design developing character properties and Dog's Paw greetings cards.